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Iveth Beltran

Since 2013, Quail Run has enjoyed the excellent service provided by Iveth Beltran as a server at The Grille. Knowledge and a go-getter attitude have led her to her new position as a Staff Accountant at Quail Run. It is with great pleasure that we share Iveth’s story and celebrate her success. We sat down with Iveth to talk about her path…

What got you interested in Quail Run in 2013?
I did not know about Quail Run at the time, but one of the cooks I knew had a friend who told me about an opening as a server. I had just lost my job due to a business closure and quickly came in for an interview. I have been here ever since.
Did you have professional or career goals at that time?
Yes, I had completed my G.E.D. and started taking classes at Santa Fe Community College (SFCC) with a concentration in Accounting and Business Administration. At the time, I could not take many classes, as I had a son to care for and having a full-time job was the priority.
Did you feel there would be opportunities at Quail Run at the time you decided to return to school?
At first, yes, I did. However, as I was approaching the last few classes before graduation, I did not think it was possible as the staff in Accounting at Quail Run had been here for some time and I thought there would not be an opportunity for me. When I started to look into positions outside of QR, I quickly realized most companies required some professional experience or experience at the internship level. That motivated me to ask if there was a possibility for an internship here. I approached Jill Kaiser, who was Finance Director at the time, about the possibility of an internship and she helped open the door for me.
When did you graduate and what degree did you obtain?
I graduated in 2019 with my Associate Degree in Accounting and Business Administration.
Any plans to work towards a bachelor’s degree?
Yes, but that will be once my daughter is older.
What can you tell your customers in The Grille about your change to an office position?
I am happy and very grateful to those who believed in me and supported me throughout my journey. Some wrote letters of recommendation and have truly been my advocates in my education, as well as in my personal life going from Resident Alien to U.S. Citizen.
What message do you have for employees at Quail Run?
When you want something, fight for your dreams. It may not come quickly or easily, but in the end, it’s worth it. The months of October and November have been critical to ensuring a smooth transition for Iveth, The Grille, and the accounting team. As of November 29, 2021, Iveth began her full-time Staff Accountant position at Quail Run. She has been an integral part of the team and more important, a valuable asset to Quail Run as a whole. You will still see her some nights at The Grille during the holiday season providing support for Restaurant Manager Peter Walsh, while he works towards identifying quality staff.